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Place Your Bets Please

American Roulette Hire is one of our most popular fun casino hire games. Each american roulette player receives different colour chips to make it easy to identify which chips belong to each player. The player places his bets and the fun casino dealer spins the ball around the wheel.

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No More Bets

Once the dealer has announced ‘No More Bets’ no more chips may be placed or moved. When the ball drops into the winning number the dealer removes all losing chips and proceeds to pay the winners. There are a variety of bets to play on roulette and the player may play as many or as few as they wish.

American Roulette Rules

  • The odds pay as follows:
  • One chip on one number only (Straight Up) pays 35-1
  • One chip on two numbers (Split) pays 17-1
  • One chip on three numbers (Street) pays 11-1
  • One chip on four numbers (Corner) pays 8-1
  • One chip on six numbers (Six Line) pays 5-1
  • One chip played on Dozens or Columns pays 2-1
  • One chip played on Even, Odd, Red, Black, 1-18 or 19-36 pays Even

If any Fun Casino players are unsure of the rules, our professional croupiers are always willing to explain.

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