American Roulette

american roulette show girls

American Roulette Hire is one of our most popular fun casino hire games. Each american roulette player receives different colour chips to make it easy to identify which chips belong to each player. The player places his bets and the fun casino dealer spins the ball around the wheel.

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Blackjack Hire

blackjack table on balcony

Fun casino Blackjack is played against the dealer. Each player receives 2 cards and the dealer one card. From left to right, the players then have the opportunity to take more cards (draw) or stick with what they’ve got (stand) in an attempt to make a total to beat the dealers hand. If the cards total 22 or more you lose. Each card counts at face value with Jacks, Queens and Kings counting as 10. Aces count as 1 or 11.

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Cash Grabber

cash grabber

Reminiscent of classic tv programmes including the Crystal Maze and Noel’s House Party, you now have the opportunity of hiring the amazing Cash Grabber for your own event. Our Cash Grabber features the only floor to ceiling view curved cubicle made in the UK. With a strong base, steel framed door & finished in satin black with chrome trim it looks fantastic and is secure and sturdy.

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chuck a luck game portrait

Players bet on which face will appear. So if a player bets on the segment numbered 2 and one dice rolls a 2 the dealer pays even money. If 2 dice show a 2 the dealer pays 2 – 1. If 3 dice show a 2 the dealer pays 10 – 1.

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craps table game

Craps is a dice based game where everyone is playing against the casino. To be able to roll the dice the shooter must make a line bet (pass or don’t pass bet). The payout is even money. The shooters first roll is known as the ‘come out roll’. If the come out roll is a 7 or 11 the pass line wins and the don’t pass loses. If the come out roll is a 4, 5, 6, 8, 9 or 10 then that number is known as the shooters ‘point’.

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Giant Buzzer

buzzer game

Bring a unique touch to your next fun casino event with our custom designed spectacular 10ft long Giant Buzzer. A sure hit with all ages. Our assistant will time you as you try to keep a steady hand – don’t let the buzzer sound!

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Las Vegas Money Wheel

vagas money wheel

For your next event you could hire our beautiful Las Vegas Money Wheel to compliment your Vegas themed party or event. Standing 8ft tall behind the relating casino table, the Las Vegas Money Wheel would be a great addition to your fun casino party. With blue baize on the table to match our BlackjackRoulette and other casino games this particular table will be a stunning addition to your entertainment.

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Vegas Gold Cup Horse Race Game

horse racing gold cup game

Our exciting new horse race game provides hilarious entertainment for any event, race your fellow party goers to the finishing line!

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batak pro hire

Compete against other players in this fast paced reaction game

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Stud Poker Hire

Studs game table

Stud Poker is a 5 card, ‘no-draw’ poker game. The game begins by the players placing a bet on the ‘Ante’ box. The dealer then shuffles one full pack of cards and deals five cards to each player face down and five to himself, with the last card dealt face up. The players then pick up their cards and decide whether they think that their hand can beat the dealers.

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Texas Hold’em Poker Hire

texas poker table

Texas Hold’em Poker has gained huge popularity in recent years and is an exciting game that attracts experienced players along with novices. It is a game of chance much like any other casino game but players can increase their odds by using their own game skill and reading other players body language.

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