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17 Jul 2018, Posted by admin in Blog, Fun casino hire news
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The One Where You Throw Dice and Shout A Lot!

Well actually there can be a lot of shouting at the other games too but this game is well known due to having been immortalised by the tv & film industry on many occasions.

  • At the craps table in a Las Vegas casino Chandler told Monica in an episode of Friends : “If you roll a hard 8 we get married here tonight”
  • It is also where a million dollar proposal began in Indecent Proposal with Demi Moore & Robert Redford playing two of the lead characters.
  • Sean Connery’s James Bond meets Plenty O’Toole at the craps table in the film ‘Diamonds Are Forever’.
  • Sharon Stone’s character Ginger meets Robert De Niro’s character Sam at the craps table in the film ‘Casino’
  • Oceans Thirteen cheating characters use loaded dice at the craps table