Poker Face

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A poker face means that by having an impassive expression a fellow player cannot determine what your hand of cards may hold.
In order to have a poker face you must try to do the following:

Relax! Let your face muscles go into resting mode.

Don’t shy away from eye contact, shifty eyes looking away or downward could be a giveaway that you are holding on to something good!

Keep your blinking regular & natural, don’t end up staring either.

Wear attire that will help disguise your emotions – hats, dark glasses and hair can all be used to help veil your thoughts.

Offer no reaction when other cards are revealed.


poker hands

Concentrate on your breathing, keep it naturally regular, no sudden gasps or large intakes of air.

Don’t make any movements that could give away your nervousness or excitement.

Don’t grind your teeth, sniff, pull on your ears or play with your hair.

No fidgeting, nail biting or rubbing hands together.

Keep your body relaxed, don’t hunch up your shoulders.


Don’t hold your cards so tight that your knuckles go white.

Speak as little as possible, your voice could give away emotion. Nod where you can instead of speaking.

Or of course …… can bluff! Mix up all of the above to keep your opponents guessing!
Just don’t be consistent in reacting one way or the other, whatever you do, don’t become predictable.

Credit to Anthony Chok Photography for the images

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