The Story of A Deck of Playing Cards & Unusual Facts

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Unusual casino facts

Poker Card Game

Playing cards reached Europe in the 14th century, having made their way from their origins in China they spread through Persia & India before reaching Europe.

How they actually arrived & spread in Europe is open to debate, theories include the use of cards to entertain and deceive villagers by gypsies on their travels, cards brought from travels by Mameluke warriors & the lesser likely notion that Crusaders returned to Europe with playing card souvenirs.

The deck of 52 cards is what we use today. The symbols which evolved over time and travel are the four suits of hearts, clubs, diamonds & spades.

The four suits are said to represent the four seasons. 52 cards in a deck – one for each week of the year. Add up all the spots in a deck? The total is 365, the same as days in a year. That’s one spot from each Ace rising to 13 spots for each King plus one spot for each of the 2 jokers.

There are 12 face cards, one to represent each month of the year.
The two colours (red & black) represent day and night.

Diamond Fun Casino use playing cards for blackjack & poker that have been in actual play in the casinos of Las Vegas.
The playing cards get used just once in each shift in Las Vegas, they are then boxed up & sent to the local jail. Prisoners then mark the cards by cutting off the corners and a little ink marking to ensure that when the cards are back in circulation they cannot be slipped back into real play without the dealer noticing. The marked decks are then sold on as used playing cards.

Diamond Fun Casino’s professional croupiers love to work with the Las Vegas used once playing cards. Imagine what game those cards may have been involved in, who might the players have been and did they win or lose a fortune? Then the marking of them in the jail – the inmate who marked and repackaged the cards – why is he in jail? Could he even be a casino cheat caught red handed in the Las Vegas casinos?

The history of that innocent looking deck of cards can be rich & fascinating.

Have a look on Diamond Fun Casino’s facebook page to see some of these cards in action with our professional blackjack dealers :


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