What to Wear for Your Next Casino Event & Costume Ideas

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What to Wear for Your Next Casino Event & Costume Ideas


That’s a difficult one! First, we need to narrow it down.  


Viva Las Vegas

Is it at a real casino in Las Vegas?  If so then anything goes! That’s part of the beauty of Vegas, you can play it anyway you like. Dress up, dress down, hardly dress at all! You are just as likely to be playing your next hand of blackjack in a Vegas casino next to a bride wearing a full white wedding dress or an Elvis lookalike complete with quiff and sequinned jumpsuit as you are with your average casual-smartly dressed casino player.   

Go to downtown Las Vegas and you will no doubt bump into celebrity lookalikes, showgirls and even those dressed as a giant penis (we kid you not, its Vegas – anything goes!)

For your casino event back here in the UK as a guest, first of all check your invitation to the party. If it’s a black-tie event then ladies pull out your glad rags and dress up to the nines and gentlemen its dinner jacket and bow tie time. Black & white colours are of course traditional black-tie attire but ladies can feel free to enjoy the full colour spectrum and dress to impress with full length gowns.


My Name is Bond, James Bond

Bond themed casino party? Guys can give their tuxedos another outing for the traditional 007 look with this one but you can also use your imagination and theme your outfit to any Bond film. Pick up a plastic shark and don your wetsuit to imitate Sean Connery’s character from Thunderball.  Or wear some metal teeth and go to the party as Jaws from The Spy Who Loved Me and Moonraker films. No time to find a costume? Dip your finger in some gold paint and you become Goldfinger. 

Ladies can also use the Goldfinger film as inspiration and don a gold or black jumpsuit to become Pussy Galore.  A full-length gown with split with a fake gun strapped to the thigh is a typical Bond girl look reminiscent of pretty much any Bond film.


Doing it Gatsby Style

The 1920’s were filled with style and is a fabulous themed idea for a casino party. For the men, a Panama hat teamed with suit, suspenders, bow tie & brogue shoes is the typical style. This also works for prohibition, mobster and bootlegger parties. Ladies can enjoy the fabulous flapper look with flirty tassels and feathered headgear. Don’t forget the cigarette holder and if the dress is a shorter version team it with a garter.


Fancy Dress Casino Party

Let your imagination know no bounds! Be the Queen of Hearts. Or the King. Set your inner craftsman free & paint a large, square cardboard box black or red and go as a dice. That one is great for couples too.  Get yourself a jester costume and be the joker of the pack. A toilet seat around the neck teamed with a crown and voila! You are a Royal Flush. A casual t-shirt and trousers with a baby doll strapped into a strap on baby carrier and you can be the character from the American comedy film set in Las Vegas ‘The Hangover’.  The Las Vegas hotels can also offer inspiration for your fancy dress costume. Be Cleopatra to represent the pyramid shaped Luxor Hotel or wear a Roman Emperor costume to be Caesar, after the iconic Caesars Palace Hotel. Dress as a French maid or a can-can dancer in reference to the Paris Hotel. The Circus Circus Hotel gives an easy clue to what you can be. Everybody loves a clown! Be the lion from the MGM Hotel or a knight from the Excalibur Hotel.

Be a party animal! Other fun ideas are to don a shark’s outfit and you become a card shark or a big cat costume to become a cheater cheetah.


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